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Technological processes

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Procesy technologiczne
Procesy technologiczne
Procesy technologiczne

Procesy technologiczne
Procesy technologiczne

Procesy technologiczne

SINTUR is carrying out the whole of the technological process of the production of products for the refrigeration, from raw materials to complete products along with the protection against the corrosion, controlling their quality at every stage. Had machines let carry out all stages of processing from the correction, cut, bending, forming, welding, soldering for the galvanizing with varnishing. The majority of technological processes is automated and supervised by programmed drivers. Ours action is direct for automating all technological processes so that ensure the great repetitiveness and make parameters of the product independent of the influence of the level of the ability of the employee. Innovative and environment-friendly aims of the company led the bacterium galvanic, using the advanced technology of supporting chemical processes selected by action recently for starting the very modern automatic line. The high specialization enables us to raise the quality of products and quickly to react for the purposes of the recipient.

Applied technological processes:

  1. Machining
    •  bar automatic lathe from Ř 3 up to Ř 25
    •  turret lathes from Ř 2 up to Ř 25
  2. Steel, copper and aluminium tube processing up to Ř 11:
    •  straightening
    •  cutting
    •   2 D and 3 D bending
  3. Wire processing
    •  straightening
    •  cutting
    •   bending
  4. Welding
    •  single-point welding
    •  multi-point welding
    •  butt welding
  5. We realize also
    •  Sheet-metal stamping from stripss and tapes on eccentric presses from 6.3 T to 100 T
    •  flame brazing
    •  processing of plastics on injections moulding machine about the basis weight from 130 g to 300 g
    •  zinc electroplating