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Insulating cable joint IZK

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Insulating cable joint IZK


Cable connectors IZK are installed inside the lamp post and highlighted traffic sign to conect it with underground cable power line.

Joint kinds:

Insulating fuse joint IZk-4.01, IZK2-01a
Insulating chase joint IZK4-02, IZK2.02a
Insulating zero joint IZK 4.03
Zero joint ZK 4.04

Technical data:

Rated voltage 500 V
Rated current 16A
Cross-section (sector - shaped conductor ) 16¬÷50mm2 (*)
Number cable conductors 1÷4 szt
Cable conductors tightening torgue 5,5 Nm
Ligt fitting Power conductor max. cross-section 4 mm2
Neutral conductor max cross-section 4 mm2
IP 54
Fuse type DO1gL for IZK4.01 IZK-2-01a WTz E27Fuse type WTz E27 for IZK2.01a

Photo product

Insulating cable joint IZKInsulating cable joint IZKInsulating cable joint IZKInsulating cable joint IZK